Why Don’t You Love Me Screencaps


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She looks so stunning! I love this video.

Beyoncé’s Biggest Afro *Ever*

How-to: Beyoncé’s 80s curls in London last week

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Beyoncé’s 80s hair is doing it for me at the moment!

The picture below shows Beyoncé in London shopping in TopShop on Oxford Street. I love the 80s look. Here is how I would recreate it:

1) Use a hair polisher like IC before *lightly* blow-drying my hair on the cool setting. Sounds like an oxymoron, but this way, I can get a semi-straight look without putting my Afro hair through too much heat.

2) Tong the front and back of my hair with a thin barrel. I think for this look, they used thin and wide barrel tongs, but I would err on using thin barrels to do the littlest amount of work to the hair but for the maximum effect of getting curls.

Do you like Beyoncé’s look here, and would you attempt it with natural or extensions? Let us know.

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Beyonce’s Best EVER Video: Why Don’t You Love ME!

There are no words, she is the best singer/performer in the WORLD!!!

Out & About: Beyonce & Jay-Z at LAX

{Seen at That Grape Juice}

bee jay

This is from a few days ago. Love the green military look.

Who cares if Beyonce spent 300 quid on a T-Shirt?

Angel at Concrete Loop wrote a great post on what Beyonce and Solo were wearing at Coachella.

Some people need to relax. If Beyonce wants to spend 300 squid on a t-shirt that is her business. I think it is feisty to act like most people in her position would not buy expensive clothes, when we know it is the other way around.

You would most definitely be purchasing items that you wanted, regardless if you knew you could afford.

Stop the hating. She has the dosh. End of.

Out & About: Beyoncé at Coachella

This bird is like that, no ifs and butts. Love the ice-cream t-shirt.