The UK Official Chart Company (OCC) for some reason does not reveal exact album sales but does release single sales. Since I live in the UK, I am interested more to see how Beyonce does here and internationally. The OCC does reveal first week sales only for singles and I gleaned the following information from this link: *Beautiful Liar was Beyonce fifth UK #1 and sold 37,500 units

*Deja Vu sold 29, 635 units

*Crazy in Love sold 72,000

It is a mixed number. 72,000 is a massive amount, especially in 2003
when downloading was becoming popular.

I am amazed that Deja Vu sold less than Beautiful Liar, the latter
being a song which I think is very weak and inferior to the chunkier
Deja Vu.

Nonetheless, these are very solid numbers for singles. Beyonce is a reliable
artist who always sells.

I am hoping the same for the new album and the new singles. I do think she
needs to do more promo here though.