Lots of the Fashion Rocks images have leaked onto the net already even though the show has not been shown on the telly yet. This blog have good coverage of the images. I must say this photo of B&JT’s duet has me very excited about what new direction she is taking. I wonder whether they both sang ‘Until the end of time’. Even from just looking at this photo, it is clear they both have charisma as performancers so I am excited to see what the performance will be like. Beyonce also dressed up as Etta James and did a tribute performance. I wonder what Ms James thought of it especially as she had noted that she thought Beyonce was quite ‘bourgie’ to play her. But I am very amped about what Beyonce has to bring this time around. Even from this photo, I get the impression that she is mature and raising the bar. Who knows what the it could be like. I also reckon her duet and Etta tribute could be red herrings – no one knows what direction her next album will go. I just hope there are more songs with Rich Harrison. I truly think her best tracks were with him.