I read some of the Beyonce interview in Maz Claire magazine at my friend’s flat. Brown Sista has a good selection of quotes that Ms Knowles said.

After reading the article, it is clear to me that Beyonce is extremely media-trained, unlike Solange who can bounce from walls (i.e. Fox episode). I don’t see how she is supposedly stuck up at all — she has become an icon for black female singers anyway. She was not saying she was an icon, she was saying she wants to be one and frankly, she already is and if she was not, there would not be any controversy over her.

I think Beyonce’s only mistake is not saying that she is married. She needs to just address this and let it go away now because the fact that she is not wearing her wedding ring in the new promo shots, even for me, is a bit much. I don’t want her to talk about Jay-Z; All I care about is the new album and new films!