As much as I love Youtube for the Creole instrumental that I love I do not understand the haters who go on Beyonce videos and slag her off. I mean, I don’t think Rihanna or Cassie will ever match to Beyonce but I would not go on their Youtube videos and slag them off for no good reason.

Anyway, one general theme I have noticed from Beyonce fans and haters is how B’Day is not a good album. I always end up scratching my head at this because I think it is a superior album. Yes, we all have our different opinions which makes debating so much fun.

So to any Beyonce fans, which album do you prefer if any?

I think DIL was definitely more ‘pure’ in that it was Beyonce trying to assert herself and carve a niche for herself because she was not established in her own right…til the album came out. I can see why people do not like B’Day – there are barely any ballads on there and she is very good at ballads and it is a very brash album.

I think one reason I prefer B’Day is because I feel like it is her first semi-attempt to be a woman. One of my favourite songs in general of hers is Kitty Kat and I just feel like she is depicting what one aspect of womanhood is about: sex and boyfriends. I feel like DIL was more censored and I feel like B’Day is more her and more adventurous, which can explain why I love Deja Vu and Green Light because I felt like they were such in-your-face choices that would have been left on the cutting floor of DIL otherwise.

Commercially, B’Day was more successful but critically it did not do as well. I am still unsure why because it was a fun album.