Beyonce performing at the EMA’s in Liverpool should be a good night. I am eager to see what she will be coming up with. It will be hard to top her Deja Vu performances though: they are full of energy and swagger, you know?

That is basically a little over a month from now so I am sure rehearsals are gruelling for her. But in this climate where people think that some poplets will take her crown away, I am sure Beyonce knows she just has to make the haters shut up. Not like it will take much seeing that ‘yonce can actually sing!

Bee will be singing “If I were a Boy”. I am also amazed the song has not leaked yet. I am amped and excited. Matthew Knowles is on his game by keeping the song secret. Although the power of the net means it will not be secret for long.

I wonder about the tone of the song and performance. I am really excited to see what she will do next.