Needless to say, I love this song.

Beyonce seems to be going for the 90s old-cool vibe with just her and her dancers against a monochrome background. For a black and white video, I think it looks vibrant all to do with that dancing. I would love to hear your thoughts and let me know what you think.

Second-by-Second Commentary

0.00 – 0.30: Just warming up. I love the dark-skinned sister’s figure. She is gorgeous.

0.36: lol @ spanking themselves. Beyonce loves innuendo but saying nowt in interviews. Love this!

0.45 – 1.00: She is just brilliant there ! That reminds me of Congolese dancing when the girls go down low in the Ndombolo videos that Koffi Olomide used to do.

1.10: let that man fly away, B!

1.22 – 1.32: I like how she starts one dance move before the other 2 dancers and they follow suit.

1.40: That Kanekalon is full figured!

1.47: Shake your fingers @ the haters aka Sandra Rose!

2.02 – 2.30: I really like the break in the song here.

2.39: elephant!

2.44: A sign to Mr. Carter? B likes teasing the public lmao about her husband.

2.52 – end: Energetic and the trademark B smile.

Yes, I am a stan and that’s clear. But I feel like she is on another level compared to other singers at the moment. The only other female single atm who I think is brilliant is Mimi “I’m crazy” Carey.

I am intrigued to see whether this double album will happen as planned.