More reviews are creeping up. Published today, critic Ann Powers of the Seattle Times wrote her review called ‘Beyonce does an ambitious double dare’. Interesting title…here are a few of her sentences that she write.

Her first mistake, noted in other early reviews, was to separate Beyoncé from Sasha and give each lady her own disc.

Her motif is the club banger — electro elements optional. When she does go into mid-tempo territory — say, on the R. Kelly-meets-Rihanna vocal workout “Hello” or on “Ego,” in which B shows off the spunk she developed playing Etta James in the upcoming movie “Cadillac Records” (much to longtime James supporter Christina Aguilera’s chagrin, we’re sure)

Still, when she finds the right balance, as on the first single, “If I Were a Boy,” she can be exquisite — accessing the timeless quality she’s clearly bent on mastering.

I know a great deal of the professional critics reviews have not been +ve. And again, I have heard the whole album but having heard ‘Halo’ and all the other popular tracks like ‘Boy’, I am confused as to how people don’t find her vision for this album clear. 2 cds. 2 personalities. 2 different types of songs! I mean, what is not to understand or visualise?

I think another thing is that Beyonce is a person who is so much better live than she is on CD. Even though she sounds great on CD, her performances are why she has fans and a great deal of the Sasha Fierce songs are performance songs.