Chicago Tribune critic Greg Kot has written an article about Bee called “Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce places blame for women’s pain on men’.

Here are some key quotes:

The first disc focuses on ballads that hint at introspection. The second adopts an alter ego—”Sasha Fierce”—to dish out dance-floor dirt. The production sticks to form, clearing out things for Beyonce’s thin, pretty voice to deliver thin, pretty hooks galore. But the gimmicky concept falls flat.

Emotional fragility suits her airy voice. Songs such as “Disappear” and “Ave Maria” (which, besides referencing the hymn, offers a rare moment of comfort) come off as delicate as her emotions.

Well naturally I disagree! I have not heard the whole album in full yet (I am saving it for this week when I buy it) but from what I have heard of ‘Halo’, ‘Boy, ‘Single Ladies’, Beyonce has really grown so much.

I was never a B’Day hater and all the -ve reviews of B’Day were unfounded in my opinion (‘Kitty Kat’ was a stand out track). But with this new music, Beyonce has just transcended what she has done before because it seems like now, she is singing for herself.

Many music critics can never stand how she can sing ballads and uptempo. But people just have to deal with it. Her and Christina Aguilera are the only 2 female singers who can do both. And it is not easy from the looks of it.