[image from Zimbio and B was at a Gotham gala on 18 November 2008]

Hits Daily Double and thebeyoncenetwork are reporting that Bee is predicted to sell 500-550K. Hits Daily Double are normally on the ball with their numbers so I think that is great.

What I don’t like is people trying to make it seem like 500 – 550K for US are bad sales but quite frankly, ANYONE who says that is actually on drugs. Singers like Rihanna, Ashanti, Ciara and even Janet could never dream to hit those numbers because they are just great. I hope Bee can get to whatever sales she wants because from what I have heard from the album, these are some of her best songs so far.

All I know is I will contributing here from a far in London.

Beyonce probably won’t be #1 in album sales in the UK as she is being outsold by Leona and Dido but ‘Boy’ may go to #1 in the singles chart, which in itself is great.