As always when it comes to Beyoncé posts, I should preface this by saying I am a hardcore stan. However, I still feel like she could do other things to carve herself in a different sense as an actress. I am not a film expert by anymeans, just a hardcore stan who wants the best for B.

1. No more singing: Cadillac Records should be the last music film for a while, B!

2. More director driven work: She could benefit from linking with prolific directors like ones who are walking box offices, such as Spielberg.

3. Plots not related to music, even if she is not singing!

4. Action films, please: Look at what it did for Will.

5. Promote, promote, promote internationally: Will Smith is an excellent example of an actor who understands the concept of promoting films internationally. Seven Pounds is coming out in London next Friday but ads are all over the place on buses in London too. Will gets that he needs to promote the film internationally from a financial perspective, and that makes him a huge star. Beyoncé could also take heed of this and benefit. Naturally, not all of Will’s films do amazing business, but overall, he is knocking people out.

6. Make a film with Will Smith.