Once in a Lifetime’s instrumental has an icy, crisp edge that Beyoncé vocal cuts through chorus. It has lullaby-esque tones especially in the first verse when Beyoncé sings:

This is just another day

This other line gives off the soothing quality of the when she says:

I’m in heaven, for heaven’s sake

Despite that, it is an ode to the most intense love relationships, illuminated by the finely tuned ‘yous’ that we hear in the chorus. It’s a restrained vocal performance by Beyoncé, showing that her voice is more controlled than it seems.

Tell me no and I’ll fade away

I like the ambiguity of the line above. It sounds haunting – is it about sacrificing oneself for love? Beyoncé’s trademark call and response echoes are subtly slotted in this song, as she sees ‘get ready’ and ‘clear’, you can still hear her love for echoing words.

I think OIL is one of the best songs Beyoncé has ever sung. Check out the full song below.

Video credit: Uploaded by FAME1980