[Image Uploaded by P1T @ Flickr]

1. Give it to Mama: In Green Light, the tight PVC wet looking dresses and coiffed hair ooze sexual strength. B has commented that she wants to portray female strength lots of times. In this video, a vampy version of feminine strength is on display in its’ raw form. As shown by an outfit later on in the video, where she is wearing hold-up tights, which in themselves scream sex for obvious reasons. In this scene where she is crawling through the legs of her dancers, it’s almost as if her character is saying a big F U to the gentleman that Green Light is addressed to. She has come full circle and therefore, with her female strength has given him the keys to the car to leave.


[Image Uploaded by Franc Fernandez @ Flickr]

2. Where’s your boss at?: Diva has a more restrained channeling of female sexuality, despite the aggressive nature of the song. The feminine is doused with Beyoncé sparring with an invisible female nemesis. Due to the invisibility, the sexual image can truly be Diva-ised as the opponent cannot fight back – essentially floored by the brazen attitude of the true Diva. This is proven by the vigourous dancing with the two other girls and the still mannequins that cannot come to life around her.