[Image: Just Jared]

You heard it here first.

Obsessed opened at #1 for this weekend in the US, as Rope of Silicon reports, making circa £19m ($28.5m)

Brad at Rope says:

It can’t catch Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction, but it will pass all the other erotic thrillers on the board. It should end somewhere around $60m domestically. It’ll do even better internationally, but not until June, so let’s call it $140m total on a production budget of $20m. Cha-ching.

I find this perspective interested. I heard many people say Cadillac Records as a failure because it didn’t make as much dosh as was expected. I am glad Obsessed has done well, especially for Idris, who is in my mind, capable of being a huge film star.

I am more interested in seeing how Obsessed will do in the UK. It is getting released on 29 May 2009 in the UK, so it should be a good watch.