I think why people hate on Beyoncé is something that confuses a lot of her fans. When I use the word ‘hate’, I specifically mean the people who post nasty comments about her on blogs and continuously seek to discredit her for no reason. However, after giving it some thought, I have 5 reasons why I think the haters cannot stand her.

5. Her success as a solo artist

I think this is what annoys naysayers the most. Many people go on and on about Kelly being the one who should have been successful but at the end of the day, the market determines who is successful and the market is the public. Kelly and Michelle are still fantastic, successful black women. Just because they have not sold as much as Beyoncé does not mean they are not successful because they are.

4. Her Parents

Her parents are clearly one of the main reasons that DC4, DC3 and Beyoncé made it to where they were. I am not sure why they attract a lot of negative press (they do come across as tough in interviews) but my mum is just as tough, if not even toughter when she wants to protect me so it’s not that much of a big deal.

3. She’s Minted

Obsessed 5

£40m @ 27? If that does not turn the haters green with envy, I don’t know what does except maybe #2 & #1 of this list.

2. She is wearing this…

B Ring

It’s cute. I wonder whether the haters think they can get it at H Samuels.

1. She’s Beautiful

Beyonce Unworth

I really do think that is the number #1 reason and even though it is an obvious choice, it is the only thing I can think of because on the blogs, people are always slagging off her looks saying she doesn’t look as good as people think, which makes me think you have to be jealous.

I think she is an inspirational black role model for women, which is why I am trying to understand why many people hate on her. Just boggles my mind all the ridiculous hate she gets, even with fools creating their own hate blogs for her.

A tad extreme or maybe I’m just too much of a stan?