In a lukewarm review to Beyoncé’s Newcastle show, The Times also noted that:

At its best, the opening night of Beyoncé Knowles’s British tour was a brash, breathtaking, booty-shaking bonanza inspired by Tina Turner in Mad Max and James Brown’s 70s soul revues. At its worst, it was a cold, calculated, cringeworthy affair as beautifully bland as the singer’s star turns in hair-care adverts.

Granted, I am going on Monday and I am not a psycho fan who thinks everything Beyoncé does is epic (I am not wild about Ego if you check the previous post) but I always get the impression with a lot of paper reviews of Beyoncé’s concerts that they always commend her, then make it seem like it is not good enough.

I am going to Monday’s concerts with an open mind. I am sure it is going to be sick, but if it isn’t I will say but I don’t see why words like ‘cold’ and ‘calculated’ have to come up – her songs are so energetic – What is so cold about that?