I have been ruminating about the Video Phone audiovisual for a while now. I think the thing about B is she has got to a point where everyone will criticise her regardless of what she does, so she has to make sure she does her.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Video Phone is one of B’s best

1. Not as much dancing: Don’t get me wrong, I love her when she is doing dancing but I like that she threw a cog in the works for the critics by not relying as much on her funky feet.

2. The new remixed intro: I love love love this intro! It is a like she recorded it while watching one of Clint Eastwood’s Westerns from back in the day.

3. The concept: I think this video works because (from my viewpoint), it seems like she is playing a raft of different characters. There is almost a videogame/Nintendo richness to the how the costumes have been made that give me this impression. I think this is why GaGa fits well into the song for being such a visual artist.