Diva vs Video Phone: Which is better?

Diva is a slick slice of Bangladesh beats. I love it so much and I can listen to it on repeat like no other but the extended remix of Video Phone is just so hot!

Which song do you prefer out of the two, Diva or Video Phone?

They are both so different yet so similar that makes them deeply enjoyable. I love it!


Will Beyoncé release another album this year?

After all the recent success of Bee’s efforts, I wonder whether she will release a new album. She has been singing for 20 years now. It’s amazing that her career keeps climbing in such great ways.

I personally think she will release her next album in 2011. She needs to take a break and relax though as well!

Can’t wait for her next album!

Should Beyoncé’s next album have more ballads?

Ave Maria showcased a different side to Beyoncé’s music. I want to know if other fans think that she should do more ballads.

I personally would love to hear more ballads in the KK vein that she did in B’Day. What do you think or is Beyoncé better at more uptempos than ballads?

How to do an updo like Beyoncé in Deja Vu


To do this look, you will need a lot of kirby grips in order to hold up your hair. Be sure to use hairbands, kirby grips and create sections in order to ease getting your hair up.

The Ins and Outs of Beyoncé’s exercise regime

I read in a Shape magazine issue ages ago that Beyoncé has one of the most rigourous training schemes.

Of her training, she does a lot of:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Running loads of miles!

I think the key thing though is squats and lunges. So in order to get like B, you have to incorporate these into your regime. Though this would be much easier done in the morning because by the time it is the evening, you are most likely exhausted.

How to do the pinup look in Video Phone

Pin-Up Look in Video Phone

To do this look, you will need a fresh canvas of a face with minimal foundation. The pin-up look is supposed to look fresh and not too done. Match it with a slick of red lip gloss and combed hair and there you go!

How to do smoky eyes like Beyoncé in Video Phone

Smoky Eyes in Video Phone

The smoky eye look in video phone is smouldering like coal. To do it, you will need a thick chunky black eyeliner pencil and liquied eyeliner, with a black and grey eye shadow palette.

1. Apply the various eyeliners around the rims of your eyes

2. Apply the grey eye show as a base and apply lashings of the black eye shadow on top. Use contouring effects to create a dark shadow effect.

And there you have it, smoky eyes!

{images from beyonce network}